What to Expect


We strive to create an atmosphere that is both welcoming and comfortable. So don't feel the need to dress to impress. Wear whatever you want and just grab a coffee and some doughnuts (free of charge, of course) and enjoy the Worship Gathering.


Authentic relationships are hard to come by, so expect to find real people who are just like you when you visit Citylights. We are all about cultivating and deepening relationships with each other and with God. You'll find that our family is friendly, warm, non-judgmental, welcoming, accepting, and loving. We encourage you to come as you are and be yourself! (Be sure to ask us about our mid-week small groups)


Do you have kids? Don't worry at Citylights we love kids! Every week, we have Children's Programs from birth through the 5th Grade during our regular Sunday Church Services. Our team of dedicated teachers always prepare a fun and safe interactive program for your children with stories, lessons, crafts, games, and snacks. We know your kids will love it!


We want everyone to walk out of Citylights with a greater understanding of God's plan for your life. Regardless of your faith background you can expect to hear an understandable and clear message from the Bible that will be applicable to your world. However, if you have been a follower of Jesus for years, you should expect to be challenged in your faith. :)


Every Sunday, our worship band leads us in singing songs of praise and thanksgiving to God. Our upbeat atmosphere is a place where you can be freely worship God however you like. You can sit down, stand up, raise your hand, and dance- you will find no judgement here!


One of our core values is to be "socially responsible", because we have a strong desire to make a difference in our community. At Citylights, we are partnered with several non-profit organizations who work with at risk teens, underprivileged preschools, adult rehabilitation, single mothers, etc. Join us as we seek ways to bless our community!


Through God all things were made and at Citylights we praise God for the beauty and uniqueness of people from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds. We know at Citylights, we have been blessed to be in the Orange County which is one of the most ethnically diverse communities in America. We strive and desire for our church to reflect the rich diversity that is unique to our city. 

In summary

At Citylights you can:

Learn the Bible

Be Yourself

Grow Spiritually

Dress Casually

Have Fun

Meet Genuine Friends

Build Authentic Relationships

Ask Tough Questions & Receive Honest Answers

Make a Difference in Your Community & World by Serving Others